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Joomla! Access Control Plugin Download

As you probably know, Joomla 1.5 doesn\\\'t allow a granular Access Control, but an ACL will probably be a feature of new Joomla! versions (1.6?). In the meantime, I decided to write this simple extension. This totally unobtrusive plugin allows you to introduce some basic Access Control in your Joomla! extensions (components and modules), without having to edit the Joomla! core files or the Joomla! core database. If you need to categorize your users in groups (let say, students and teachers), giving them specific permissions in the front-end and/or different views of your Joomla! website, this Joomla! plugin is what you need.

Please use the tutorial at:
to know how to install / configure / use the plugin.

Use the forum at:
for configuration/installation issues.
Submitted By:
Joomlax (joomlaxi)
Submitted On:
15 May 2008
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7,68 kb
GPL V2.0
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File Author:
Roberto Aloi (a.k.a. Prof3ta)
File HomePage:
Click to visit site
File Date:
10 Feb 2008
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