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MiniFrontPage module, like the Latest Buzz or Blog tabs on the demo site, provides you with a lightweight but powerfull news headline style of your most recent content items. It\\\'s just not only to show case your latest news item, but you can show any latest or most read articles from preferred section(s) or category(s) that can be set up from the module parameters. There\\\'s also options to set it using one, two or three headline articles column format plus one column for another stories link. Or you can also have your headline story formatted vertically with one column for one headline article like the right module\\\'s Business Week

UPDATE NEWS : New Joomla 1.5 version now is available to download

Changelog Ver 1.2.4

* Add random option for displaying article

Changelog Ver 1.2.3

* Add ordering option for thumbnail position

Changelog Ver 1.2.2

* Add show/hide articles title option
* Add show/hide articles introtext option

Changelog Ver 1.2
* Fix png thumbnail generation bug
* Fix Separator bug

Changelog Ver 1.1

* Add Show/Hide thumbnail option
* Add Show Category Title option
* Now support non- images (Minifrontpage now will also generate thumbnail for images that is put into the article using html tags)
* No More generating the thumbnail everytime the page is loaded (the module is loaded faster now)
* Fix aspect ratio calculation
Submitted By:
Joomlax (joomlaxi)
Submitted On:
01 Jun 2008
File Size:
27,94 kb
GPL V2.0 Non-Commercial
File Version:
1.24 - 1.2.1
File Author:
Rwin Schro + Andy Sikumbang
File HomePage:
Click to visit site
File Date:
29 Mar 2008
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