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Joomla Plugin to insert a Paypal Donation button into content. You can insert a custom description text together with the donation button. This description can be turned on or off with an option parameter. Button can be aligned to the left or right of your page. Besides your paypal email address, you can also insert a donation text into the paypal window such that the donation item is already pre-added when the user clicks on the donation button.

Usage: In your content where you want to insert the donation button, type:

  • {donaterequest} or
  • {donaterequest-n} if you want to hide the Donate Request Text.

In the administrator screen of the plugin you can configure:

Alignment: Whether the button or description is aligned to the left or right of your page.

Donate Request Text: The text you want to show with the button in your content (for example, \\\"Please donate if you like this item....\\\")

Paypal Donation Item Text: The payment item description to insert into the paypal payment screen that appears after the user clicks on the donate

Paypal Email Address: Your Paypal Email Adress

Submitted By:
Joomlax (joomlaxi)
Submitted On:
10 Jun 2008
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5,65 kb
GPL V2.0 Non-Commercial
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File Author:
CH Cheah
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Click to visit site
File Date:
30 May 2008
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