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Vemod News Mailer Download

Vemod News Mailer is a Joomla! component that allows registered users to e-mail subscribe to news categories / sections. News are scanned at the selected interval and mailings can trigger automatically.
* Automatic scheduled mailings or manual triggering of mailings by selected users.
* Each category/section can be configured to compile a daily, weekly or monthly newsletter.
* All categories/sections can be compiled into one single newsletter.
* Mails in full customizable HTML or plain text format.
* Module content from up to 6 modules can be included in news mails (i.e. latest news, most read).
* Mails are only sent once with the recepients as BCC-copy OR as throttled mailings with individual mails.
* Customizable verification e-mail option.
* Logging of previous mailings with resend option of failed mailings.
* Manage subscribers from the backend.
* Mailings can be previewed.
* Archive module and community builder plugin available.

Version 1.2.6 (earlier version history at the website):
* Frontend is now fully public
* Global throttling
* SMS notifications
* Optional Lightbox-style preview
* Module content in plain text mails
* Newsletter archive on frontpage or in separate module
* Backend reworked
* Manage subsribers moved to backend with full control
* Backend dropdown module selection
* Frontend preview and log interfaces improvements
* Optional truncation of introtext or bodytext
* Many bugfixes

Version 1.2.7
* Joomla 1.5.1 version available
* Improved timeout protection when sending
* Optional expandable sections at frontend
* Option to auto-subscribe new site members
* SMS messages can be enabled/disbabled for each category/section
* Configurable from address
* Improved module support
* Local date formatting
* Author alias supported
* Mambot tags can be filtered out from newsletters
* Several bugfixes

Version 1.2.9
* Compilation of all selected categories sections into one single newsletter.
* Monthly, bimonthly and quarterly newsletters.
* Improved relative to absolute link conversion.
* Sort order options in compiled newsletters.
* Improved preview page with extensive info on newsletters, news items and mail config.
* Option to set \"Previous news scan\" on preview page.
* Detailed info after manual send.
* Individual recipient status of throttled sendings in log.

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27 May 2008
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Thomas Allin
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13 Apr 2008
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