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Virtual Newspaper Manager - RSS to Content Download

Virtual Newspaper Manager has been made for the main purpose of importing RSS content items and managing them in amounts, classifying them into categories automatically.

The classification is made depending on the news keywords, author, creation date, rss feed from which it belongs, etc. You can import news from every RSS feed you want, and what is more, you can convert those imported RSS news to Joomla articles or content items.
Download the component Virtual Newspaper Manager and visit the QUICK START GUIDE ( to start downloading contents to your site right now!!


1.- Import news from RSS feed to the component.
2.- Convert imported news to Joomla articles / content items.
3.- Create category tree, with nested levels.
4.- Create rules to classify imported content into categories.
5.- Create rules based on the next attributes:
News attributes-> title, text, author, rss category, publishing date. RSS feed attributes-> title, url, description, languag, copyright

For example, if you have a category titled \"Football\", it would be ok to create a rule associated on which you define the next requirements (this is a simple example):
News attributes
Title keywords: football,soccer,real madrid,raul,cristiano ronaldo [and more...]
Description: football,soccer,real madrid,raul,cristiano ronaldo, [and more...]
RSS feed attributes
Title keywords: football, soccer As you see, you can create from very simple to really complex rules and assign them to the categories.

The process is like this:
Add RSS feeds
----> Create rules and categories
---------> Import news from RSS
--------------> Classify imported news
-------------------> Display news on front end
--------- (optional) -----> Copy/Move news to Joomla articles

Following extensions are made to work in conjunction with Virtual Newpaper Manager
Mini News Module - With this module you can display the imported news on the position you want.

Category Cloud Module - Display a cloud from the categories created in the component Virtual Newspaper Manager.

Search Plugin - Search plugin to find content among the news imported to Virtual Newspaper Manager.

[UPDATE - May 8th, 2008]
Language files can be found here. Thank you all for your collaboration!

[UPDATE - May 7th, 2008]
Now you can add the link to source on the joomla content by using the file in this post:
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